Personal growth trainings I’ve attended


Hoffman Process

7-day residential program in Napa, CA (and a few other satellite locations).

Lodging and healthy food included. ~$5k. Sessions every other week.

First half of week focused on understanding how you got here, and second half focused on where you want to go. Huge emphasis on emotional and spiritual wellness.

Softer approach - reminds me of yoga. Very experiential and interactive.

Max 40 participants, some work done in large group. Usually 5 very well trained teachers. Some work done in small group with 1 teacher and 8 students. Some work done individually.

My biggest takeaways were that 1) get in touch with my feelings, no longer numb, 2) everything’s going to be ok, 3) what is unconditional vs conditional love, 4) met amazing group of alums who continued to share spiritual and emotional wisdom.


Mastery in Transformational Training

Based in LA, core program starts with:

1) BASIC: 3 evenings + Saturday & Sunday, $495 - helps you discover what’s holding you back

2) ADVANCED: 5 days: $1,195 - generate breakthroughs to achieve your vision

Reminds me of strength training where you build emotional muscle by being challenged to achieve what you previously thought was impossible.

Group size is usually 100-200 participants with one professional trainer, and a dozen volunteers who have previously gone through the program. The volunteers also lead small groups.

There are similar trainings in cities such as:




New York:

San Diego:

San Francisco:


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